Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape Modular Speakers

Bang & Olufsen already tends to make objectively attractive products. That said, none blend into your home environment quite as well as do their BeoSound Shape Modular Speakers, which effectively become a part of the decor. These wall-mounted wireless speakers integrate noise dampening for acoustic integrity and can be customized to fit both the look and size of any room: between 6 and 56 individual tiles (or more, if you add other passive damper tiles) can be paired up as a single unit. The hexagonal tiles vary not only in color (ten different fabrics are available) but also in function, with an amplifier unit necessary for every four speakers and one Core unit controlling up to eleven amps (and thus one whole setup). That Core boasts integrated Chromecast, Bluetooth, and Airplay connectivity so you’ll be able to stream to your system however you’d like, too. AC power does need to go to each amplifier but power strips and cables can be hid in extra damper tiles, making for a sleek, inconspicuous — and cordless — system.

Learn more at Bang & Olufsen – roughly $4,300+