Balmuda Steam Oven Toaster

Some of the best inventions have come to be by chance. And while it might not change the world, the Balmuda Steam Oven Toaster makes some damn good toast, all started by a fortuitous encounter with rain while warming bread over a grill. The toaster’s key feature is a small slot under a panel up top in which to pour about one teaspoon of water using the included mini cup. The ensuing steam imbues moisture into the bread as temperatures inside gradually rise, producing bread that tastes as fresh as that from a bakery without having to leave your own kitchen. Besides toast it’s also got modes specifically tailored to making cheese toast, baguette, and croissant, amongst others, and a minimal design that should look at home in any contemporary kitchen. Though they’re not officially hitting the American market for the time being you might still be able to grab one for yourself, albeit at a steep premium over the $230 Japanese price.

Learn more at Balmuda (Japanese site) or find one at Amazon – $415 [via]