Balls of Steel

These aren’t Superman’s tackle, a Jan Fonda workout or a bar bet gone too far. Balls of Steel are no joke. Everyone knows that ice melts, and every whiskey or single malt connoisseur knows that melted ice means destroyed aromas and a diluted less flavorful libation. Giant ice cubes and cold soap stones were a step in the right direction, but where they fall short, Balls of Steel dominate. The secret is the Artic Core that is ready to chill after just 90 minutes in the freezer. Once dropped into your favorite whiskey, Balls of Steel chill your drink to the perfect temperature — and keep it there — to accentuate all the complex flavors inherent in your chosen distilled beverage. Each set comes with two balls, tongs, and a storage sack. Plus, with each purchase, 15% of proceeds go to testicular cancer awareness initiatives.

Grab a two-pack at Balls of Steel or Amazon – $25+