Ballantine’s Space Glass

We don’t need to drink fine whisky through a straw to know it’d be unpleasant. But for astronauts, there isn’t much choice — at least until the development of Ballantine’s Space Glass. This intriguing vessel boasts a curved design that comfortably fits the palm of your hand and that’s adorned with a hefty 3D-printed rose gold base that creates surface tension to hold the whiskey down at the bottom of the glass, even in microgravity. A small channel helixes up the side of the glass, carrying the liquid up to a rose gold mouthpiece where the spirit is sipped. And while you can’t exactly set a glass down, a 10kg pull strength magnet in its base locks it to a metal surface or perhaps to a metallic bar table. Whether it’ll be available for purchase by the earth-bound is a question thus far left unanswered.

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