Bajaboard G4

As temperatures rise, electric skateboards will flood the streets. But if concrete and asphalt isn’t your idea of a perfect playground, a Bajaboard G4 might be more your speed. The G4 is Bajaboard’s beefed-up take on what an off-road electric skateboard should be, with independent double-wishbone suspension, two electric motors — one in front, one in back — for four-wheel drive, big pneumatic tires, and an aircraft-grade aluminum backbone reinforcing the maple deck. A remote control handles acceleration and braking, and since brakes are evenly distributed front and back it’s got quite a bit of stopping power. What this all gets you is a board capable of a frighteningly fast top speed of 31 mph (albeit that can be limited to something much slower, if you don’t trust yourself) and that can drift and shred through tall grass bushlands, sand, paddocks, and more, rolling over tennis ball-sized rocks and branches with ease.

Get one at Bajaboard – $3,300+