Bagel Smart Tape Measure

How clever can a tape measure get? Quite, apparently. The Bagel Smart Tape Measure boasts a pull-out Dyneema string — strong enough to withstand 112 pounds of force, though not that you’d ever put that on it — and tells you just much you’ve pulled out on its LCD screen. But if the string’s 10 foot length isn’t enough it’ll also measure in Wheel Mode using a wheel on its other side that you can simply roll along the surface, curved or not, for up to 33 feet. And if you want to measure distances to hard to reach areas, use its Remote Mode, which activates a laser to point to your target and an ultrasonic sensor to come up with the measurement, up to 16 feet. On-board Bluetooth can be used to transfer all your measurements to a smartphone, each optionally tagged with a voice recording right from the Bagel to help with identification.

Find it at Kickstarter – $60