B-2 Nano Blade

If you’ve been carrying a 3- to 4-inch bladed folding knife in your EDC rotation, you know that even titanium can’t overcome the bulk factor of such a cutter. Bomber & Company engineers have overcome that obstacle with the B-2 Nano Blade, the world’s smallest tactical best pocket knife (note: it’s much smaller than it looks). Inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber, the Nano Blade is concealable, tough, and utilitarian meets badass. The Nano’s blade is split with serrated and sharp edges utilizing a chisel ground and flat ground respectively. At just 80mm long when opened, the 48mm long and 20mm wide closed Nano can be easily concealed in any pocket, even those otherwise useless throwback watch pockets found on many a denim trouser. It’s also ultralight, weighing in at less than 1 ounce. The 58-60HRC 440C black stainless steel blade and body are corrosion resistant to withstand any abuse that urban and outdoor operators can dish out, though each comes with a lifetime replacement warranty in the unlikely event your Nano breaks. Now if only you could find a nano wallet.

Find it at Kickstarter – $25