Axel Modular Headphones

Our individual tastes in music differ, but software solutions like equalizers can only do so much while popular bass-heavy headphones only suit a certain subset of listeners. So instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, Axel Modular Headphones are offered as one of three specifically engineered “Soundscapes”: Deep, Pure, and Core, each distinct in inner hardware and thus adept at reproducing audio optimally over several music genres. Selecting the most appropriate Soundscape for your listening preferences is mindless if you use Spotify and still straightforward if not — just plug in a few of your favorite artists. Then, build your Modular Headphones to your liking by choosing on-ear or over-ear cups, a headband, and headband insert. They fold for portability and include a universal in-line mic for conveniently answering calls.

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