Purists might ask, “Why reinvent the wheel”. Losing teams might ask, “Isn’t that an unfair advantage”? Anyone who ever lifted a bat and tried with all their might to spank a little white ball as hard as possible will ask, “Where have you been all my life”? Axebat is a revolution in baseball and softball hitting technology: not since the aluminum bat was introduced has a product made such an impact on the sport. Axebat’s ergonomic axe handle grip design puts the bat in your fingertips and imparts a tension-free swing that aids in greater energy transfer and follow through. This design provides swing leverage that enables hitters to know when their bat leaves the swing plane, making it easier to stay in “zone”.  All Axebats have an engineered hitting zone where balance, sweet spot, barrel performance and durability come together. And though they may seem like a manner of cheating, they’re approved for all levels of play in baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch softball.

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