Aura Breathalyzer

Modern breathalyzers don’t need to look like vintage Walkie Talkies. Case in point: Aura, easily the sleekest breathalyzer we’ve yet to come across (though technically it’s a tie with Lapka). This pebble-shaped gadget sports a bright OLED display behind a glossy, scratch-resistant polycarbonate face that sits atop a brushed stainless steel back. Of course, a breathalyzer is only as good as the result it outputs, so Aura relies on fuel cell sensors – the same used in hand-held systems used by the authorities – to deliver precise, reliable blood alcohol level estimates. It’s also, fortunately, incredibly straightforward to use, lasts for roughly 100 uses per charge of its rechargeable battery, and measures just 2 inches in diameter, easily and discretely slipping away into a pocket.

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