Audi Q3 Camping Tent

The last car to integrate a tent with its hatch was a bit of a farce, we’re aware, but this time it’s not Pontiac calling the shots. Audi’s energetic 2015 Q3 has the power and stance to get you slightly off the beaten path, simultaneously saving you both trouble and time with the Q3 Camping Tent. This two-room tent unfurls and inflates using an included pump in 7 minutes flat – no poles to mess around with – and fastens to the Q3’s hatch, granting access to grub, drinks, and supplies, all without having to unload the car (and no, it was not conceived so you could cool down by running your A/C all night). At this moment it’s but a concept, but with any luck (and enough interest) it’ll be an option on an upcoming Q3.

Read the press release at Auto Evolution – $TBA