Atelier Hard Graft 2Unfold

We’ve had our eye on Hard Graft’s 2Unfold for quite some time. Sure, it’s already gorgeous — albeit a little pricey — but if you’re ready to invest a buck might as well throw in the extra dime. Atelier Hard Graft, a new venture by the UK-based leather crafter, reworks selected pieces in limited fashion by using hand-picked hides of leather, triple-painted edges, and meticulous perfectionism in the execution of every exacting detail. The Atelier 2Unfold still sports the same transforming design as the original, becoming a shoulder bag or backpack to lug around a 17″ laptop plus miscellaneous goods, or a courier bag for smaller things (plus a 13″ MacBook Pro or two), but with the aforementioned refinements and a black-on-black color scheme.

Find it at Atelier Hard Graft (sign up required) – roughly $880