Article Seno Dining Table

The appeal of Article’s Seno Dining Table is as much about its design as it is the process that gets it into your hands. Typically, getting a product from the manufacturer to your doorstep means that multiple players in between take a cut of the sales price, including the retailer, salesperson, wholesaler, and export agent, to name a few. Article instead vets world-renowned designers and gets their goods directly to you, simplifying the affair while simultaneously slashing the price. Like with their Seno, a beautifully detailed, linear-proportioned dining table made of solid oak or walnut that comes in two versions to sit either six or eight. Angled instead of straight, its legs jut out for a wide, solid stance without cutting legroom. And its modern, slender build stands out in a dining room without overly dominating while an impossibly silky matte finish that blows away anything in its price range. Plus, shipping is a flat fifty bucks regardless of items (and the number of them) ordered, and 30 days to try it makes the process even simpler than dealing with your local furniture retailer.

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