Arovia Spontaneous Pop-Up Display

Working on the go usually means contending with a compact laptop display since the only portable dual-screen setups would involve using your tablet as one. Understandable, then, that digital nomads are excited about Arovia’s Spontaneous Pop-Up Display, or SPUD, which makes carrying a 24-inch display in your backpack a reality. Collapsed SPUD is about the size of a book; open, it’s big like a CRT but far lighter, weighing less than two pounds. It  opens up like an umbrella and works by the use of a non-wrinkling projection screen material and a custom short-throw projector that operates at 1280×720. The latter boasts a brightness dial, HDMI port, 3-6 hour battery depending on brightness, and USB port for a wireless adapter (i.e. Chromecast and the like). Granted, it doesn’t match modern displays in resolution and contrast, but SPUD is still perfectly useable in daylight and did we mention it folds down tiny?

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – $375+