Argonaut Kevlar & Tyvek Boot

Jason would have been proud to exchange his sandals for the Unbelievable Testing Laboratory’s limited release Argonaut. After two years of exhaustive research using cutting edge materials including Tyvek, Kevlar, EVA Rubber and microfiber technology, the Argonaut is ready for four-season wear. Tear proof, water-proof and weighing in at a scant 420g per shoe — less than a loaf of bread — this multi material wonder utilizes a derivative of microfiber that looks and feels like leather but is more durable, creates an animal free high function boot, and improves material use efficiency by 30%. The athletic shoe inspired Poliyou insole offers great ventilation, moisture abatement, and fights odor-causing bacteria, all while offering the option of removal in lieu of a custom insole.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $118