Arc’teryx Voltair 30 Avalanche Backpack

This is one product you’ll really, really hope to never actually put to the test. In the rare and unfortunate event that you do, though, the Arc’teryx Voltair 30 Avalanche Backpack might just save your life. Instead of gas cartridges the Voltair uses an electric centrifugal blower powered by a rechargeable LiPo battery, achieving identical pressure and fill speeds as traditional systems but with several added benefits, including pulsing of additional air once full to keep the 150 litre balloon inflated even in the event of small punctures on rocks and the like. Its electric and quickly reusable nature also allows for testing the system in the field so you know what to expect if you ever need to pull the trigger, and a charge can easily provide multiple deployments in a single day — that is, if you’ve got the guts to head back out after an avalanche. It’ll of course also hold 30 litres of your other gear as well and plays nice with the TSA, unlike compressed gas cartridges.

Pick one up on Amazon – $1,300