Apple HomePod

As usual, Apple’s not the first tech giant to make a play for your living room — Amazon and Google are already well-established in many homes. But if the soon-to-be-upgraded Siri is your voice assistant of choice, or if all your ecosystem is Apple-heavy, the HomePod will be worth the wait. The seven inch-tall, mesh fabric-wrapped device is first and foremost an AirPlay 2 speaker, with seven tweeters positioned along its lower perimeter and an upwards-facing high-excursion woofer up top to hit all angles and deliver surprisingly robust sound quality. More than that, though, the HomePod’s smarts are powered by an A8 chip while its ears are an array of six microphones to hear you. It’ll play the tunes you want, give you full control of your plethora of smart accessories (like lights, your portable air conditioner, etc), deliver the news, call you an Uber, and much more, all while showing you it’s listening with an animated LED waveform on top.

Arriving in December. Find it at Apple – $350