Anodized Aluminum Engraved Blueprint Art

The name is particularly self explanatory but it’s worth delving into a bit of detail nonetheless. Anodized Aluminum Engraved Blueprint Art puts highly detailed blueprints, drawn digitally and perfected by the company’s two owners, onto large plates of anodized 5251 aluminum by way of a laser engraver. The aluminum sheet come in your choice of three colors including black (shown), blue, and red, and they give you a carte blanche to pick the model, make and year of the automobile, plane, ship, helicopter, or firearm you’d like on yours. If you’re so inclined they’ll even include custom tidbits of information alongside the art, like a particular VIN number or other miscellaneous specs, making these truly custom pieces of wall art worth of a highly prominently spot on your walls.

Find it at Engraved Blueprint Art – $235 [via]