Ankomn Savior

Vacuum sealing food is a hassle, usually requiring disposable bags and an electric vacuum sealer or a hand pump that can’t really pull out all that much air. The Ankomn Savior does away with the need for either thanks to its crank-activated vacuum-sealing lid, making it useful for marinating meats or greatly extending the shelf life of various foods including coffee, spices, and fridge-bound vegetables. Fill it with stuff, twist the crank about three times, and much of the air inside is sucked out, indicated by the dimple formed on the rubber button. Press the latter to let in air and break the vacuum, necessary for opening up the container and gaining access to its contents. Available in two sizes: a 2.5-qt large and 1.5-qt small, both made of BPA-free plastic that’s dishwasher safe (save for the lid).

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