Anker Compact Car Jump Starter

Your battery is dead. Maybe you’re one of those that leave the radio on while your washing your car. Perhaps your 3 year old bumped the dome light with their head for a morning surprise, or maybe you just needed to charge your tablet, laptop or phone. None of these scenarios need be cause for alarm with the Anker Compact Car Jump Starter, and compact it is. Unlike most jump starters this unit can fit in your glovebox and includes 2 USB ports as well as a built-in LED flashlight. But it’s not really its size that matters, it’s the 400A peak current that it can generate over 15 times on a charge to start your 3 litre gas vehicle or 2.5 litre diesel-powered ride. The 10,000mAh internal battery charges via a wall outlet in just 3 hours and built in advanced safety features ensure your devices and your car are protected against short circuits and inverse current. Ten million people that can’t remember to turn off their lights can’t all be wrong.