Analogue NT

First there was Pong. Then came Atari, Commodore Vic 20, Commodore 64, Tandy, and finally 8-bit salvation, the Nintendo Entertainment System. What started with two stereotypical Italian plumbers trying to save a toadstool princess and a dog laughing at your inability to shoot ducks was forged into a gaming empire that would spawn (and respawn) countless game titles and gaming systems. However, if you’ve since wanted to play original NES games, it’s been a hassle and, in many cases, impossible. That’s until the advent of Analogue NT. Anything but an emulator, the NT relies on original hardware both inside and outside the box – controllers included – to recreate a true NES experience, albeit within a prettier unibody 6061 aluminum shell. Thankfully, it’s also packed with modern connectivity, including RGB, Composite, and even HDMI via the optional adapter. And the clincher: Castlevania, Xanadu, Metal Gear and Kid Icarus are back along with nearly 2000 other titles thanks to the NES and Famicom library, so relive your favorites and explore in-depth story telling that offsets any 8-bit limitations.

Preorder at Analogue NT – $500