Analogue Nt Mini

If a single model — the original included — truly satisfied NES-hungry retro gamers perhaps there wouldn’t be a new one released every other month or so. Analogue’s Nt Mini aims to fill that craving once and for all thanks to stellar build quality coupled to 1080p upscaling, an HDMI output along with RGB, and HiFi components to get that 8-bit music sounding better than ever. Unlike the Nintendo Mini the Nt Mini is compatible with actual game cartridges and will play any and all of Nintendo’s original releases lag-free, guaranteed, since the system runs on a Altera Cyclone V FPGA that’s engineered and outfitted with all the core functionality of the original NES. It’s also cuts cords thanks to compatibility with 8Bitdo’s NES30 wireless controller and retro receiver and boasts a transparent polycarbonate baseplate below its machined aluminum shell that lets you peer into its inner workings.

Learn more at Analogue – $450 [via]