AMPL SmartBackpack

End the perpetual hunt for power outlets with the AMPL SmartBackpack. Integrated within the fabric of this backpack lies an advanced portable charging system complete with an internal battery and three docking bays for connecting additional AMPL SmartBatteries. To best make use of this power, USB outlets are available in literally every compartment, and an optional LaptopBoost + SmartInverter can charge your laptop or other outlet-dependent device. Other niceties include Bluetooth that warns you if your bag is left behind or being stolen, an OLED touchscreen display that keep you updated on battery status and temperature inside the pack, and the ability to set charging priorities right from their app on your smartphone. And since tech doesn’t typically play nice with water or enjoy being banged around, the SmartBackpack boasts both integrated shock-absorbers to mitigate drops and a water-repellant outer coating to keep out rain.

Check it out at Indiegogo – $250+