Amped Wireless Ally Plus WiFi System

Since it’s virtually impossible for a single router to properly handle wireless coverage in every nook and cranny of a larger home, WiFi mesh systems have gained significant traction. That of course adds to complexity, and of that the Amped Wireless Ally Plus WiFi System is mindful. This two-unit router and extender set extends coverage across sprawling dwellings and makes for seamless roaming while still setting up quickly and painlessly using your smartphone and an intuitive, tailor-made smartphone app. It also comes standard with integrated AVG protection that blocks out malware and fishing at the source, even for more susceptible, less computer-savvy users in the house, and grants finely manageable parental controls like filters, curfews, per-device WiFi schedules, and more. More advanced users will also be happy to discover a fully-functional web menu that grants the option of setting a myriad more features including QoS, port forwarding, and port triggering, amongst others.

Grab one at Amazon – $290