Ammo Audio Ammo Can X

Everybody knows Charlie don’t surf. But if Apocalypse now taught us one undying lesson, it’s that music + firepower = bada*s. What could be more awe-inspiring than a sky full of choppers blaring Ride of the Valkyries? A 50 caliber ammo can sporting twin 4” coaxial speakers and a host of other digital tech, that’s what. Ammo Audio’s Ammo Can X packs over 24 hours of music per charge into a portable sound system that looks at home both in the house or on the range. Bluetooth-ready with a range of over 50 feet, the speaker also boasts an aux input to let you plug or stream anything directly from your device. The military style control panel features two missile switches, one to power on the unit and the other to switch on Bluetooth. You can even charge your tablet or phone via two built in USB docks. And sound? Forget the tinny, vibration-prone noise that a metal speaker box induces. Ammo Can X has mounted a MDF cabinet for clear sound. The unit even has a digital volt meter to keep track of power levels.

Learn more at Ammo Audio – $350