Ambronite v5

No time to cook, ever? Join the club. The recent surge of drinkable supermeals is godsend for people like us, but while they theoretically touch on all basic nutritional needs we admit that a quick glance through their ingredients list does make us a bit uneasy. Ambronite v5, the latest iteration of Ambronite’s drinkable meal, is instead made only of ingredients you’ve already heard of at some point in life — and only 18 of such — including oats, almonds, apple, spinach, flaxseed, cranberry, agave syrup as a sweetener, and a few more. It’s nutritionally complete, covering macronutrient (protein, carbs, and fats) and micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) in the right proportions so that you don’t technically need to eat anything else (check out the second image for the pouch’s label). Each pouch packs 500 calories, prepares in a couple of minutes (add cold water and shake), and keeps you full for hours. Tastes more like a nutty vegetable and fruit shake than the cookie dough-like supermeals we’re used to. And that’s probably a good thing.

Learn more at Ambronite – $60 for five pouches, $84 for ten (with monthly subscription)