Amazon Echo Show

First Alexa had ears. Then she had eyes. Now Amazon’s latest personal assistant, the Amazon Echo Show, also has a medium with which to show you things: a 7-inch touchscreen. As with previous devices the Echo Show’s looks are understated but are backed with serious technological wizardry including far-field voice recognition, noise cancellation, and eight microphones to hear you from any direction even while it’s playing your music, so you can ask Alexa various things completely hands-free. The screen further expands its capabilities to let you make video calls using the 5-megapixel front-facing camera, watch movies or video clips, see who’s at the door (provided a smart doorbell or security camera), pull up a recipe, and much more. All in a package, to reiterate, that looks particularly pedestrian, which contrasts significantly with what it can do (and perhaps convinces us to let these things into our homes).

Learn more at Amazon – $230