Amazon Echo Look

Amazon’s just-announced Echo Look gives Alexa eyes as well as ears. Amazon’s latest smart home gadget can still help you order coffee, manage appointments, and fire up a playlist, but thanks to a built-in depth-sensing camera — surrounded by four LEDs for lighting — can also judge the look of your outfits, snapping vertical photos and videos when you ask her to instead of relying on a vertical mirror. The image background is blurred by a computer-vision algorithm for really focusing in on your look (and for hiding the messiness of the rest of your room), so you can compile photos of various outfits and even instantly get a second opinion on which outfit looks best using Style Check, which combines advice from fashion specialists with machine learning. Otherwise its base works to prop it up on a flat surface like a table or counter, and boasts an included kit for optional wall mounting as well.

Learn more at Amazon – $200