Alpha Shovel

For most people a shovel is relevant mainly for moving snow, and that’s what the Alpha Shovel excels at. The blade is made of durable T6 6061 aluminum with serrated teeth for breaking ice and a sandblasted, clear-coated finish that prevents snow from sticking. It’s also built to be collapsible and packable: the telescoping shaft, which is also adjustable to the user’s height, comes off and collapses down to slip through the hole on the side of the blade for carrying or packing. Built-in NRS strap slots allow for strapping the shovel to a backpack or duffel, and the replaceable nylatron gliders surrounding these slots protect your deck or brick entryway from scratches. All in all it’s the shovel you’ll want to be stuck with for cleaning your home’s driveway or digging your car out after a snowstorm.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $100