Alpackalypse Whitewater Raft

Quick, nimble, and extremely portable, the Alpackalypse Raft is the whitewater-craving layman’s dream. This inflatable raft boasts smaller tubes that leave ample internal room for the paddler, a more defined side edge, and make it easier to self-right in case of capsize, similar to a kayak. Its resilient urethane-coated 400-denier Vectran construction increases hull rigidity while still permitting the lightweight (10 pounds) craft to pack down to just 17″ by 11″ for transport. Otherwise, it also boasts a reinforced floor, a Cargo-Fly system to store your gear within the tubes, thus lowering its center of gravity, inflatable hip pads, and internal rigging that includes multi-point adjustable knee cups and a foot brace.

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