Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Since they’re only upgradeable to a certain degree, gaming laptops often come with an extremely limited shelf life. In reality, the main issue laptop gamers stumble on over time is an outdated, underpowered mobile GPU. Alienware’s solution is the Graphics Amplifier, a relatively compact box that plugs to your notebook computer, expanding its capabilities by adding a full-length, double-wide desktop graphics card plus a 460W internal power supply on which to run. It also doubles as a sort of dock, letting you make use of the output on the graphics card plus its four USB 3.0 ports by plugging in just one cable to your computer. Only catch: you’ll need one an Alienware 13 gaming laptop to actually make use of the Amplifier due to its proprietary PCI-Express connector, meaning this won’t be the piece of gear to breathe new life into your already outdated portable gaming rig.

Learn more at Dell or Amazon – $300