Albert Clock

Telling time has always been a science. From observing the orbital rotation of planets to the first clock designed for maritime travel, pendulum clocks on a pitching and yawing ship being so annoying… and those damn Westminster chimes. The Albert Clock by Axel Schindlbeck designs, the self ascribed purveyor of products, objects, spaces and stuff you don’t need, makes telling time once again that much more sciencey. The Albert is a digital wall clock, but to discern the time you need to calculate the hours and minutes. It was designed to keep one’s brain active and improve the mathematical skills of children (and adults) while still looking svelte. As you get better, up the difficulty: it’s got four levels you can set, though you’ll never need calculus (or any math more advanced than multiplication and division) to solve the equations it puts forth. Best for use after a first cup of coffee and not when calculating how much longer you can stay in bed after your third snooze time has elapsed.

Find it at Albert Clock – roughly $300