AirBolt Smart Travel Lock

Travelling is destabilizing enough without having to keep track of tiny keys with which to unlock your luggage. The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock is the first Bluetooth-enabled lock that uses your smartphone and an accompanying app as a key, all while remaining TSA compliant. If you lose your phone AirBolt can still be unlocked using another compatible phone (and your backup password) or by entering a programmable button combination on the lock itself. It’s also the first lock that lets you revoke TSA access electronically, letting you deny access to TSA Master Keys when travelling to countries that don’t use TSA standards. AirBolt also logs every locking and unlocking so you know if someone — including baggage inspectors — has been inside, features distance control alerts that warn you if your luggage was left behind (or if someone is making away with it), and boasts crowdsourced GPS support to track its location should your luggage be sent to the wrong destination.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $60