AIAIAI x Ghostly TMA-1 Headphones

On the subtler end of the style spectrum lies Ghostly’s TMA-1 Headphones, designed in collaboration with Danish acoustics design house AIAIAI. But don’t let its murdered out, matte black design make you think otherwise: these are some seriously listenable cans. The Ghostly edition TMA-1’s feature dynamic 40mm closed drivers that pump out detailed, accurate sound, fine Moroccan leather-covered Japanese memory foam cushions that passively block out external noise, plus seven-position adjustable cups for optimizing size. They’re also equipped with a variety of detail-oriented niceties, including a 6.3mm plug adaptor and a durable 1.5 metre woven coil cable that locks with a twist to keep from getting pulled out.

Pick up a pair at Ghostly – $250