Aetho Aeon GoPro Stabilizer

Shooting near professional video has never been so affordable and available to the masses what with tiny, capable cameras like those by GoPro. Or in theory, anyway: most footage shot is atrocious thanks to substandard cinematography and a ton of unwanted camera movement. Pair an Aetho Aeon GoPro Stabilizer — a small, lightweight and ergonomic filmmaking tool — to your action cam to stabilize the jitters. Its 3-axis accelerometer measures movement over 1,000 times per second, compensating using brushless motors on 3 axis to result in buttery smooth footage. A gamepad-like joystick lets you keep the camera oriented on your subject and a round LCD screen on the top of its handle lets you see what you’re filming live for up to 5 hours per charge.

Find it at Indiegogo – $324