Aether Cone

Discovering new music isn’t the simplest of things. But that’s exactly what it should be, and Aether thinks they’ve figured out how to make it so with Cone, a stunning speaker that mates plastic with copper plus a 3-inch woofer and dual tweeters. With an ear for what you want, Cone takes note of songs skipped or not and presents you with music from amongst millions of tracks, all played seamlessly and instantly without the need to sift through countless channels, genres, or the like. Turn the dial to start playing, turn it again to skip, tap its center to pause, or talk to it like you would Siri. Of course, it’ll also play podcasts and music from your existing playlists over AirPlay for 8 hours per charge, meaning Cone will still see use even if your dials are set to predictable.

Check it out at Aether or pick one up here – $400