Aerodyne Nimbus Indestructible Drone

Want a drone you don’t need to worry about? Aerodyne’s Nimbus is just that, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that this racing drone is virtually indestructible. Nimbus features a lightweight custom-made carbon fibre monocoque design that’s formed from the inside, with recurring egg-shaped domes that are hardly coincidental. All electronics are packed within the aerodynamic monocoque as well which is rated to IP54 meaning water and dirt are no issue (though don’t land it in deep water). Smash it straight into a brick wall? It’ll keep on flying, at least if your props are still intact (and the flexible ones included in the fully built model should be). The bind-and-fly kit — which is just missing a radio control and first person view goggles — offers adjustable tilt on its camera, four motors (along with all other necessary internal components to make it flight-ready), and super low latency video transmission for rapid pilot input, though it’s also available as a frame-only pack for veteran drone racers who want to build up a drone to their exacting specifications themselves.

Find it at Indiegogo – $490 [via]