Abus Nutfix Component Lock

A single bike lock can’t be expected to lock down your bike’s frame as well as multiple other components, or at least not securely. The Abus Nutfix Component Lock complements your bike lock by taking care of your wheels and saddle once and for all. The nut features a free-rotating colored shell that shields the nut beneath and can only be unlocked and pulled back when it’s facing skyward, i.e. when the bike is lying on its side. So just locking your bike normally is enough to thwart would-be thieves form making off with multiple parts. Available as a standalone NutFix (that’ll work with solid axles with diameters of M9, M10 and 3/8”), as part of an axle set to replace quick-release axles, or along with a seat clamp set in various sizes.

Learn more at Abus or grab some at Amazon – $35+