2015 Porsche Cayman GTS

Recent studies have shown that drivers of luxury automobiles like Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and yes, Porsche, are more arrogant than the rest of us. In the case of the new Porsche Cayman GTS, its owners have perfect right to be, at least when it comes to their car. An entirely new fascia front with larger air intakes set off the look of the new GTS from the start, but its jaw dropping beauty – both in and out – doesn’t end there. The exhaust system offers a deeper, more sports car-like sound at the push of a button for when it’s time to show BMW owners what a real European high performance vehicle both looks and sounds like since, along with the classic style and luxury of the Porsche, the GTS comes standard with a robust 340 hp-producing mid-mounted flat six. A sportier setup for the engine, chassis and manual gearbox is easily controlled through the use of the new sport chrono package with which you’ll be able to, among other things, calculate your lap times.

Find it at Porsche – $75,200+