Volkswagen XL1

Its futuristic styling might not tickle your fancy, but Volkswagen’s XL1 makes up for it in one huge way. The two-seater packs a 0.8-litre two cylinder turbodiesel engine paired to an electric motor that churn out 48 and 27 horsepower, respectively, passing from 0 to 60 in 12.7 seconds, so it’s sort of no surprise that the XL1 sips fuel, but to the point of 340 mpg? Yep. A $10 fill-up plus a buck or two of electricity (via plug-in) net you roughly 300 miles of travel distance. Otherwise, features are decidedly high-end: the wheels are strapped to a seven-speed DSG transmission, the frame is unibody carbon fibre with plenty more to go around (including brakes plus seats), and its curb weight is just 795kg.

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