Vanmoof 10 Electrified

Vanmoof’s 10 Electrified shows that power-assisted bikes needn’t look any different than standard bicycles (or at least, by Vanmoof’s standard). Developed with practicality in mind, the 10 Electrified couples Vanmoof’s typical¬†integrated battery-free front and back LED lights and unmistakably unique anodized aluminum frame with high technology including a 250W front hub motor, a 209Wh battery that charges in three short hours and lasts 30 to 60 km (roughly 18.5 to 37 miles), a theft-deterring hidden GPS tracker, plus a simplified dashboard that serves as a battery indicator and controls motor speed and lights. Otherwise, the 10 features front and rear mechanical disk brakes, an automatic 2 speed transmission, a fully enclosed rust-proof chain and freewheel functionality for riding without assistance should the need arise (or, more likely, the batteries run flat).

Coming in November. Hit up Vanmoof for deeets – $2,600