Satchel & Page Leather Bags

It’s no coincidence that your parents’ and grandparents’ decades-old packs look better than your three-year old ones. Satchel & Page brings back styles long gone with their leather bag collection, inspired by WWII-era map cases and other vintage bags that’ve withstood the test of time. Made from thick, luscious vegetable-tanned leather, each bag features hand-stitched seams, elegant detailing, and niceties such as interior organization for your gear and electronics plus compartments for tablets and/or 15″ notebooks. Choose between five models: a briefcase (left), the compact map case (middle), early 1900s USPS bags-inspired mailbag (right), pilot’s bag, or the large, voluminous gladstone.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $240 to $440