Reclamation Etchworks Spirit Decanters

Upcycling beer empties (or even bigger booze bottles) is now totally possible thanks to Kinkajou, but what about for actually storing liquor? Thanks to help from local San Francisco bar staffs Reclamation Etchworks does just that with their spirit decanters, collecting, stripping, sanitizing and finally laser-etching these beautiful bottles that would otherwise end up discarded. The collection is rather specific, limited to the Constance four-piece set of Bourbon, Rhum, Geniévre (Gin) and Agave (Tequila), or the eight-piece Variance which includes the above plus Cognac, Eau de Vie, Whisky and Mezcal, but in all honesty most of us could stand an exploratory push.

Hit up Kickstarter to learn more – $80 (Constance) to $160 (Variance)