Parrot Zik Headphones

Parrot’s Starck-designed Zik isn’t just easy on the eyes; beneath its polished exterior lies more tech, by far, than any other set of headphones to date. Once connected to a smartphone via bluetooth, an app toggles active noise-cancellation and a slew of equalizer options; input other commands using gestures on the touch-sensitive right ear cup – intuitively, up/down for volume and right/left for skipping tracks. As if this wasn’t enough, Zik also packs in five total microphones (some for calls; others for noise-cancellation), NFC, a jaw vibration sensor (think Jawbone headsets), an optional 3.5mm aux cable, just in case the battery gives way, and a pressure sensor that pauses the music when taking them off your head.

Sold yet? Check ’em out at Amazon – 400$.