Amazon Echo Dot

Getting Alexa into your home’s never been easier, even for the frugal. Amazon’s Echo Dot is a puck-shaped device that’s small enough to install in any one of a variety of places — and hell, it’s cheap enough to basically leave one in every room you spend significant amounts of time in. Seven far-frield microphones let the nearest Echo Dot hear you from across the room, even over music or ambient noise, so that Alexa can answer your question, order a pizza, control your home’s smart devices like lights or blinds, hail an Uber, fire up Spotify, and we’re only scratching the surface. Owning one of Amazon’s previous full-sized Echo devices is not necessary and if you buy six they’ll give you one for free, further simplifying the outfitting of larger homes.

Grab one at Amazon – $50

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Gate Smart Lock

A handful of products are already vying to replace your home’s doorbell and traditional key lock. The Gate Smart Lock instead consolidates all the features your home’s entryway needs in one compact device that simply takes the place of your deadbolt. Gate connects to your home’s WiFi network and pings you when somebody presses its call button — or, if you wish, even when simple motion is detected at your front door. A camera and two-way microphone lets you see and converse with said person, and the door can even be unlocked remotely, or scheduled to unlock at specific times for deliveries and the like. If your phone’s not on you a keypad lets you get in, and if you forgot that (or it’s 4-month rechargeable battery is for some reason dead) it’s even got physical key access as a last resort backup.

Find it at Indiegogo – $250+

GET IT: $250+


Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop

Gaming on a laptop? You’d better believe it. Razer’s Blade Pro handily outdoes all portable computers before it. This notebook is decked out with a quad-core Intel Core i7, two identical SSDs in RAID 0 (from 256GB each to 1TB each), and 32GB of DDR4 RAM, for starters. Importantly, Razer managed to squeeze in a desktop-class Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, which supplies ample graphics power to play the latest titles on ultra-high and at 4K resolution on an external display or on its own IGZO LED-backlit 17.3-inch multitouch display which, at 3840×2160, is just a few horizontal pixels short of being labeled 4K itself. It also boasts plenty of other braggart-worthy features, including a tactile low-profile backlit mechanical keyboard that feels as satisfyingly clicky as desktop-sized ones, a spacious glass trackpad with a scroll wheel up top, and a 0.88-inch thin CNC aluminum unibody chassis that somehow contains all of the above. Even its power adapter is fairly slim, especially considering it’s 250W.

Learn more at Razer – $3,700+

GET IT: $3,700+

Food & Drink

RBT Beer Growler

Vessels to carry and store microbrew have come a long way since the humble glass growler. Case in point: the RBT Beer Growler, which holds 64 ounces of brew between insulated double-walled aluminum and topped with an also double-walled lid. The otherwise all-black growler features a touch of brass color accenting its base and a unique hand-finished metal loop handle to facilitate pouring and carrying. Plus the lid stays clipped to the handle when it’s not sealing the opening to avoid losing or misplacing it.

Find it at RBT – $60

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Food & Drink

Stormtrooper Decanter & Shot Glass

Color accuracy would dictate you fill them with milk. Still, some sort of spirit would be a far better fit for either the Stormtrooper Decanter or Stormtrooper Shot Glass. Both are based on the authentic and original Stormtrooper helmet molds created by Andrew Ainsworth back in 1976 when his industrial design studio was commissioned to make props for a then unknown sci-fi movie. The Super Flint Glass decanter boasts a 750ml capacity while the shot glass actually holds far more than a standard shot at 150ml (a touch over 5 fluid ounces). If Imperial troops use these to throw back then that explains their aim.

Find them at The Fowndry – roughly $15 (shot) to $28 (decanter)

GET IT: ~$15+


Herman Miller Aeron

Originally launched in 1994, the Herman Miller Aeron was revolutionary for its substitution of cushions for elastomeric fabric that eliminated pressure points, greatly increased breathability, and eradicated discomfort. The new Aeron is instead evolutionary. It improves upon the original’s performance thanks to a redesigned, smoother tilt mechanism with an optimized balance point between tilted and upright, PostureFit SL spinal support that now boasts two adjustable pads to cradle the natural curvature of the spine, and 8Z Pellicle fabric that varies in tension throughout eight zones for optimized support. It comes in three frame colors with a variety of customizable options you’ll likely want to add on, including a tilt limiter and height-adjustable arms. And users of the original will be happy to know that adjusting tilt resistance no longer requires endlessly turning the tilt mechanism: just a few twists of the new mechanism’s handle will suffice.

Learn more at Herman Miller – $780

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Cobalt Valkyrie-X Rose Gold

Finally you can match your plane to your watch, smartphone, even your computer. Part of Neiman Marcus’ Fantasy Gifts collection, the Cobalt Valkyrie-X is the first private jet available in rose gold, at least as far as we’re aware (though who knows what with bespoke commissions for the wealthy). It’s one of the fastest piston aircraft around, with a 350 horsepower engine and a top speed of 230 miles per hour. Inside the cockpit the flight controls are plated with rose gold as well, contrasting nicely with its hand-stitched cream leather seats and immense one-piece canopy. Sits one pilot and three passengers.

Learn more at Neiman Marcus – $1,500,000

GET IT: $1,500,000



Maybe you dreamed of having a Lego city when you were young. Maybe you even made it happen. But do you really want generic Lego minifigures to populate that city? Minifigs.Me expands your options with a huge line of pre-designed minifigs that span real famous people and movie/TV/comic characters. The range includes Deadpool (shown), Guy Fawkes, Jack the Ripper, Ripley (from Alien), Pope Francis, both POTUS candidates, Yoda, and way more (in the hundreds) than we can realistically list. You can also build your own by choosing individual pieces or get their team to recreate you (or anybody, really) from photos.

Learn more at Minifigs.Me – roughly $15+ [via]

GET IT: ~$15+


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s next generation console — the Nintendo Switch — is trying its hand at besting two markets: gaming handhelds and the dedicated console. As a result the core device is more tablet than set top box and comes apart from a dock that’s fit for your television stand, with two detachable Joy-Con controllers than slide on to attach, one per side. It’ll play games on your TV or on its built-in display by running on battery pretty much anywhere. It sets up like a game pad with controllers attached but also plays with the two controllers combined as one (with a Joy-Con Grip accessory) or even with multiple players using one half. It’s also powered by Nvidia Tegra hardware, is compatible with a more traditional Switch Pro controller (also wirelessly, like the smaller Joy-Cons) and has a pop-out kickstand to prop it up if you’re gaming on the go using controllers.

Touching down next March. Learn more at Nintendo – $TBA



Libra Coffee Pourtables

Instant coffee’s reputation needs some work. Libra Coffee’s Pourtables aren’t actually made of instant coffee but they are nearly as fast and convenient to prepare, especially while camping, and require no special coffee making equipment. Pourtables start with quality coffee that’s sourced by Libra, small batch roasted in-house, and flushed with nitrogen while sealed in a foil pouch to greatly delay oxidation. Tear the latter open, then tear open the smaller fabric pouch inside, set it over your mug, and pour about 7 ounces of hot water over the grind. The result is a cup of joe could have just as well been made by your local cafe and that’s far superior to the instant swill you currently drink when you need a quick pick-me-up.

Grab a ten pack at Amazon – $20

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Killspencer iPhone 7/7+ Veil Collection

Perhaps your new smartphone is already starting to show “microabrasions” on its new polished jet black finish. Or maybe you’d rather your phone look a tad more original. Regardless, Killspencer’s Veil Collection for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will accomplish both by way of a laser cut and hand-finished protective cover that sticks onto the back of your device with a removable industrial adhesive. They’re ultra-thin at just 1mm thick, adding barely any bulk or thickness, and come in six options including Midnight Black Alcantara, Exotic Rosewood (shown, left), Black Leather (shown, right), and Walnut, sized to fit either the bigger or smaller iPhone.

Hit up Killspencer for the full lineup – $40+

GET IT: $40+


Casper Foundation Box Spring

Box springs, like mattresses, are large and consequently unwieldy. Online mattress companies like Casper have so far addressed the latter by shipping foam mattresses in boxes straight to your door, and now they’re are doing the same thing to the former with the Casper Foundation Box Spring. Unlike most fixed box springs this one disassembles or assembles in minutes without the use of tools: just use its four big bolts to attach the box spring’s four walls together before rolling out the cover over the top, which contains even spaced slat at 4 inches apart from one another to avoid mattress sag. It’s far easier to move or store when not in use yet is still made with solid spruce and pine for long lasting durability.

Grab one at Casper – $350

GET IT: $350