Ondu Pinhole Cameras

Widespread accessibility to quality cameras has never been better, but while photography promotes individuality over social media it’s taken a hit as an art. Ondu’s pinhole cameras bring us back to a less complicated time, before electronics simplified shooting to the point of banality. Made entirely out of chestnut and maple wood, Ondu’s cameras are simple machines with no lenses and no fancy sensors; instead, expose the image by displacing the shutter, then wind the pins to advance the film. Otherwise, the cameras are extremely durable, Joined_6x6_square3_913have no screws in sight, instead using magnets to hold the back and winding knobs in place, and come in six models that range in film size from 35mm all the way up to single shot 10.5 x 14.8cm paper. Of course, some practice is required to get it right, but the end result is stunningly surreal.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $60+