Mission Motorcycle R

Technology continues to better our lives, and not just by way of letting us Instagram our meals and stream our favorite shows from anywhere. Take Mission Motorcycle’s R, for instance, the world’s most advanced electric motorcycle. Associate electric with dainty, slow to accelerate eco-friendly vehicles? Eco-friendly, maybe, but at Mission R’s core lies a liquid-cooled 3-phase AC motor that churns out 160-horsepower and 133 ft-lb of torque (of which nearly all is available right from 0 RPM), good for hitting 60mph in a blistering 3 seconds en route to a top speed of 140mph. It doesn’t end there, either: R’s got a range of 105 miles, features a custom chassis, regenerative braking, the MissionOS digital interface with a touchscreen display and wireless helmet HUD integration, and a integrated computer controlled vehicle management with traction control.

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