Linde Werdelin Dive & Ski Instruments

When searching for trusted, professional outdoor equipment to satisfy your inner need to live life on the edge, look no further than Werdelin Dive & Ski Instruments. Whether you prefer skiing, mountain climbing, or trekking up the most extreme terrains, you shouldn’t even consider embarking on your journey without The Rock. This little device logs details on the environment, and your performance by making use of specifically tailored aerospace algorithms by use of its 3-axis compass, barometer, thermometer, inclination sensor, and more. Getting vertical not your style? The Reef has you covered should you opt to dive down beneath the ocean waves. Whatever the case, The Rock and The Reef prioritize your protection 100% of the time.

Find them at Linde Werdelin – roughly $1250 (the Rock) and 1900$ (the Reef)