Kitchoo Compact Kitchens

Studio-apartment dwellers, this is your hallelujah moment. Behold the Holy Grail of compactness: Kitchoo Compact Kitchens, a collection of mini kitchen units that cover all bases by including microwaves, dishwashers, stovetops, sinks, and, of course, mini-fridges. Made of real wood and stone, each kitchen boasts an ultra-sleek, modern feel and packs utility behind every seemingly vacant drawer and cupboard. Understated enough to pose as a regular wall unit, yet ridiculously easy to incorporate into any d├ęcor, this brilliant yet simple innovation is an answer to the needs of individuals in cramped spaces for whom all that fridge space is unused, and who demand convenience and ease after a long day at the grind.

Learn more at Kitchoo – $4700+