Karma Social Hotspot

Mobile hotspots have, to us, been unattractive thus far. Between expensive plans and ugly hardware, we’ve just gotten by without them – smartphone notwithstanding. If a hotspot is in your up and coming plans and your data usage won’t likely be extensive, then Karma’s Social Hotspot merits a look-over. This small, wireless router-and-4G-hotspot rolled into one gives you (and up to 7 others users at one time) internet access on a pay-as-you-go basis, for up to 8 hours per charge, and refuels using any micro-USB cable. Better yet, the device includes a complimentary 1GB of bandwidth, and adds 100MB to your account for every person that connects to your network via their own Karma account, plus they get a 100MB bonus, too.

Visit Karma for details – $14 per GB, no expiration